New episode! We talk for almost an hour on the Stanley Parable and The Beginner's Guide, and I think it's one of the best conversations we've ever had!

Spoilers, obvs.

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The premise is simple: we have too many games in our Steam profiles that go unplayed. To remedy this, we've decided to play 2 random games from our profiles then come together to discuss them.  With a show every fortnight, that's 4 games a person per month that we’re going to experience and report back on. Should be good times.

This episode we cover: The Blue Flamingo, The Dream Machine, Bone: the Great Cow Race, Hector: Episode 2, The Stanley Parable, and The Beginner's Guide.

Next time we’ll talk about: Vertical Drop Heroes HD, Volgarr the Viking, Company of Heroes, X-COM Apocalypse, Gal Gun Double Peace, Space Pirates and Ninjas 2.

The hosts of Year of Steam:

Lorin Grieve, @xavierfoxshandi

Iain Hopwood, @VahnBlackburn

Laura Kate, @LauraKBuzz

Laura also has a million other podcasts where you can listen to the sweet sound of her voice. They include:

-Let’s Play Video Games

-The Jimquisition

-Laura’s Gaming Butts

-The Indie Haven Podcast

-The Geek Night in

-Oh No! Video Games!

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She also has a Patreon to support her work here.


Feel free to reach us at:

Steam Group: YoS Podcast

Twitter: @YearofSteamPod

Intro music is So Long, Cpt. Sievert! and the outro is Galactic Emperor, both by Dr. Szliszka AKA µB  AKA @Voidshaper

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