This is it.  Year end review.

This is also the final episode of the show.  The time has come where life and obligations make the logistics of the show impossible.

Thank you all for listening.  I hope you've enjoyed our conversations.




The hosts of Year of Steam:

Lorin Grieve, @xavierfoxshandi

Iain Hopwood, @VahnBlackburn

Laura Kate, @LauraKBuzz


Laura also has a million other podcasts where you can listen to the sweet sound of her voice. They include:

-Let’s Play Video Games

-The Jimquisition

-Laura’s Gaming Butts

-The Indie Haven Podcast

-The Geek Night in

-Oh No! Video Games!

-Category: Video Games


She also has a Patreon to support her work here.



Intro music is So Long, Cpt. Sievert! and the outro is Galactic Emperor, both by Dr. Szliszka AKA µB  AKA @Voidshaper


Profile for more music found HERE. (

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